9 Year Old Assults Toddler in Daycare

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9 Year Old Assults Toddler in Daycare

Surveillance video taken from “Kiddie City” daycare in Vicksburg, Mississippi, captures a boy attacking toddlers.

follow site The tape shows a 9-year-old punching, kicking and choking two small children as the daycare employee on duty stares aimlessly out a window.

WLBT News reports that Mississippi Department of Health Regulations backed by state law prohibits preschool children from being grouped with school-aged children in any single area.

http://www.ilplanetario.net/?financial-analysis-of-a-business-plan The boy’s aunt told a WLBT reporter that the 9-year-old does have a “problem” and is currently on medication, though she did not provide details.

Vicksburg police have already arrested one daycare employee. Sandra Trevillion is being held on two counts of contributing to the neglect of a minor. She is being held on $2,652 bond.

A parent was also arrested at the daycare facility, in a case of mistaken identity.

follow link Jamie Williams confronted and assaulted a child who he believed had been physically abusing his daughter while at the daycare. The furious father is being charged with simple assault.

appendices in research paper More charges are expected as the investigation of the incident continues.

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Abusive 9 year old

Do you think the daycare worker is to blame? What should happen to the 9-year-old who attacked the toddlers? Leave your comments below.

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