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Carolina Church Charging Admission Fee for Sunday Service

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Carolina Church Charging Admission Fee for Sunday Service

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Winston-Salem, NC – A Carolina church has introduced a controversial plan to charge an admission fee to attend their Sunday morning service. Mount Ebenezer Baptist Church revealed the fee was a direct result of church members and visitors not giving enough offering to keep the doors open.

The Church’s pastor, Rev. James Lamont, spoke with local news station WSTV saying, “We realize charging members to attend church would not be a popular decision, however it was necessary to remain operational. There is a lot that goes on to make these services happen. Without a sufficient amount of donations, the church would have to operate at a loss. We are in the business of saving souls, but we are also a business. Salaries and bills have to be paid. Saving souls ain’t cheap.”

Members of Mount Ebenezer Baptist Church will be allowed to pay a discounted yearly membership fee ($60.00), while visitors will pay $10 at the door. The church says they will also offer a $25 family discounted admission fee (up to four family members). Entrance to the church will be free on all days except for Sunday worship service. Children under 12 will be allowed to enter the church without paying.

Reverend Lamont says the fee was made reluctantly, but after 6 straight months of having to operate the church with his own personal funds, it became necessary.

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